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E-Marketing Solution

Medibox is a B2B digital solution for e-marketing and transactions of Pharma and healthcare products in India. It enables end to end campaign Management solution such as SMS, Email, In App notifications for promotions like cash back, cash bonanza; e-informing, catalogue management, order status, e-invoicing, etc.
  • Digital Campaigns

    Digital Campaigns

    Medibox provides easy to use multi-channel digital campaign management tools. The digital campaign solution is integrated with the Medibox platform and available for all registered users on on-demand basis. Users can create custom lists for all trade partners and broadcast messages or notifications anytime via multi-channel campaigns

  • Multiple Options & Instant Results

    Multiple Options & Instant Results

    Reach your customers through the digital channels of your preference. You can either use one or all of SMS, Notifications, Emails and In-App updates. Also, by using vanity URLs for your company, division or brands. You can share texts with links, images, videos etc. With Medibox campaigns, be wherever your trade partners are, because campaigns are meant to be that way!

  • Geo-Targeting & Segmentation

    Geo-Targeting & Segmentation

    The trader ecosystem of retailers, Stockist, etc. is already segmented with their profiles on Medibox for individual business benefits which are available to be customized as per the needs and requirements. Users can further cluster area-wise, city-wise, polygon-wise using internal tools allowing you to run geographically targeted campaigns.

  • Digital Connect

    Digital Connect

    As your business spreads, there is a need of real-time connectivity with your trade partners. While Medibox connects you, you can also invite your suppliers, retailers & delight them with free digital tools! Get subscribed or start subscribing for any trade partner updates and create your own business Eco-system digitally.

  • Digital Maps

    Digital Maps

    With Medibox digital mapping tools the areas that you do business gets defined with geo-locations of your trade partners. This allows you to identify the gaps that might be fulfilled or need urgent attention. Medibox provides digital tools to setup your focus areas for trade and the ability to map every area against your trade partner.

  • Analytics and Reports

    Analytics and Reports

    Get analytics and reporting on your campaigns with the big data solutions. These simple and engaging tools will provide predictive, descriptive and informative analytics of your target groups. Note that Medibox provides all this in real time with actionable insights of your business in the 3 functional areas of sales, marketing & supply chain.

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