Medibox B2B | E-Distribution Solution

E – Distribution Solution

This role-based platform connects hospitals and retailers to stockists and distributors. It automates the entire sales and operations process; from placing of order to its final execution. Medibox deal is an end-to-end information aggregator that provides insights & response management tools.
  • Automate transaction processing

    Automate transaction processing

    Each element of Medibox ecosystem is designed to seamlessly integrate with existing backend systems. Medibox offers complete B2B order automation, like none other. The processes defined on Medibox automatically makes real-time information and updates available to designated stakeholders. This removes the hassles of manual work.

  • Intelligent insights for businesses

    Intelligent insights for businesses

    Medibox enables organizations to predict, assess and mitigate disruptions and risks allowing them to improve supply chain operations to deliver greater value to the business.Actionable Intelligence business transaction is at the core of Medibox platform. From the retail user to manufacturing Company, Medibox is designed to deliver intelligent decision-making information at every level in the supply chain.

  • SaaS


    Software as a service allows you to access Medibox applications with no cost of buying the software. There is no hassle of set-up, installation or maintenance, nor are the issues of manual upgrades.

  • Collaborative Intelligence

    Collaborative Intelligence

    Medibox digital platform is a multi-entity listing and uniquely positioned collective network that processes data intelligently. It provides effective outcomes back to the same entities.

  •  Integration


    Medibox has exposed APIs in such a way that your specific business flows can be integrated and the possibilities are endless. Be it order management, customer management or employee management.

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