Medibox B2B | Promotions and Campaign Management

B2B Promotions

Leverage Medibox personalized digital Marketing & Campaign management tools. Through Medibox get an easy access to various promotional tools increasing lead generations along with custom URL’s to share videos, images, links etc
  • Deals


    Daily, weekly, etc. deals can be run to specific recipients for product uptake.

  • Cash Backs

    Cash Backs

    Cash Back features for both wholesale and retail against order process as a feature is enabled

  • Promo Codes

    Promo Codes

    Product-wise, trader-wise promo codes are created and the validity of the codes is managed based on target segmentation.

  • Lucky Bonanza

    Lucky Bonanza

    Customers get delighted when they are lucky. Through Lucky bonanza rewarding customers with freebies and goodies

  • Loyalty Programs

    Loyalty Programs

    Loyalty plans as per your business requirements can be enhanced on Medibox which is backed by experienced tele-marketers.

  • Bid and Ask

    Bid and Ask

    Sell bulk and non moving stocks, Liquidate stocks faster at a discounted price, Ask for an offer for stocks in demand and Discover new business transactions everytime

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